Our Story

The thought of The Beach Buddy began when we were visiting Destin Florida in from New Orleans, where we lived at the time in 2004. My husband, I and our two children that were two and four at the time were at the beach and they were pretty active and excited. They kept running around us playing and knocking our drinks over or into the sand off of our towel and my husband said:

“it sure would be nice to have a beverage holder to stick in the sand to keep it steady and out of the sand!”

It was kind of a passing thought at the time, well the following year Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans and our house flooded and we had to make a decision…to rebuild or relocate. That is how we ended up in Miramar Beach in early 2006. At around the same time our son who was three by then was diagnosed with Autism and the dream of the Beach Buddy was even bigger to us.

We dreamed of putting out a great product, and even more importantly to give us a platform to raise awareness and raise money for Autism Programs and Autism Research. After a lot of money and hard work we finally received our Patent in 2012 and a couple of years later were able to start producing The Beach Buddy, now referred to as The Buddy, The Ultimate Outdoor Beverage Caddy.